03rd Jul 2024

Hero v4.1 Released – What’s New


Werrss up yo? We are very happy to announce our latest release v4.1, which includes the long-awaited WERSLink Window Library with both a substantial update of window manufacturer products (now at over 47,000) and also a new WERSLink Default Windows library (over 1300). It’s also API connected with monthly automatic updates so you won’t need to wait for new releases to get window updates ever again.

The release also includes a range of other updates including revised NatHERS Climate Zones for some NSW post-codes; a new Hero-101 Training File comparer to help speed up your training; a handy Offset drawing mode option (perfect for splitting edge-batts); ACOP/AEER selection for HVAC systems without star-ratings in WoH, and a range of other fixes and improvements.

We’ve put together a short 15 minute update video to give you a quick overview of the v4.1 changes in the link below. Enjoy!
   New     WERSLink and Window Library Updates
  • The new WERSLink integration brings a substantial, overdue update to the NatHERS window database, with over 48,400 windows now selectable in Hero, including 47,000 new custom windows and 1300 new ‘WERSLink’ Default windows.
  • The new database also brings improved data quality, with clearer glass descriptions, new opening styles and the latest high performance windows on the market to help achieve increased star-ratings.
  • The new ‘WERSLink’ Default windows provide a flexible alternative to the old NatHERS Defaults and allow greater options for “Generic” window modelling in NatHERS even at improved performance levels (rather than the old “worst-case” defaults), which allows you to keep your client’s options flexible while still achieving high-performance.
  • Your ‘Selected Windows’ list is now saved into your Hero project file, and we’ve also updated and improved the Window List template feature for quick, easy saving and loading of your favourite window lists.
  • Your WERSLink library will automatically get updated monthly via API (requires sign-in) so you’ll continue to receive the latest window updates without needing to download and install new Hero versions.
  • Note NatHERS 2019 projects cannot currently use the new WERSLink library.
  • We’ve also taken the chance to give the Window Library a nice, slick new design to keep Hero modern and fresh.
  • You can easily get started and transition your older projects into the new WERSLink library using the ‘Update’ button and we’ll match and transition your specifications for you
Regulatory Updates
  • NatHERS & BASIX have approved additional alternative NatHERS Climate Zones for several post-codes in NSW that were not adequately represented by their current climate zone choice. 
  • Post Codes with the new alternatives includes 2329, 2336, 2337, 2338, 2339, 2340, 2341, 2342, 2344, 2345, 2346, 2347, 2352, 2353, 2380, 2381, 2382
  • Also please note in v4.1, NatHERS 2022 is now the default NatHERS profile for new projects in Hero, so please check your profile is correct when starting new projects.
  • Remember, Hero is the only NatHERS tool that can simultaneously run NCC2019 (Chenath 3.21) and NCC2022 (Chenath 3.23) projects in the one version (rather than forcing you back to old versions of the tool) so you can rest assured you’re getting the latest Hero feature for all your projects even if you’re in WA, SA, TAS, NT and other states still on NCC2019! Simply choose the correct NatHERS Profile 2019 or 2022 and we do the rest.
  New   Hero-101 Training File Comparer
  • Available under the Support menu, this handy new utility tool allows students to compare their Hero-101 training files with our reference file and get immediate feedback
  • Great for Hero students, universities and colleges teaching sustainable building modelling to be able to quickly review and mark your students files (and for us to mark your submissions too!) view more info
  New   Offset Drawing Mode Option
  • New NCC and AS requirements mean NatHERS assessors should be modelling thinner edge-batts around the perimeter of a roof line to ensure adequate clearance and ventilation.
  • The new Offset option added into several Drawings Modes such as the Split Drawing Mode (along with the Screen & Eave Drawing mode) allows users to quickly split the roof line of a project a certain distance from the edge (e.g. 430mm or 580mm) so as to allow users to then easily set a different insulation value to those areas.  View more info
HVAC (WoH) updates
  • Air-conditioner systems in the Appliances section of Hero can now use the ZERL Heating and Total Cooling Seasonal Performance Factors (HSPF/TCSPF) or ERL ACOP/AEER for specifying performance rather than solely GEMS Star-Ratings, for those products that do not have star-ratings.
  • These HSPF/TCSPF and ACOP/AEER ratings can be found for most systems in the exported csv file  view more info
Other updates
  • Visual Styles: Your currently visual styles are now also saved into your Hero project file and restored on load, allowing you to quickly reset your view to the previous similar to many other views
  • Resources Help menu: A helpful list of common resources such as the NatHERS Technical Note, NCC versions and other key documents has been added to the Help menu that you can quickly refer to.
  • Bug Fixes: 15+ bug fixes including some freezes on save on exit for WoH projects, multi-monitor Windows 11 issues, selected objects fix and unusually named zones cloud simulation/certification fixes view change-log
Hero is a free to download and use NatHERS Accredited software package that is used by hundreds of assessors, designers, architects, engineers & building professionals Australia wide.Contact us at for assistance in making the switch to Hero today!

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